Modern Office Furniture Keeps Pace With Technology

Modern office furniture is not synonymous with bizarre shapes and outlandish materials. While the lines may be sweeping and rounded rather than severe, and glass and metal may be heavily integrated into the design, the new styles are instant classics. Functionality and élan are combined to create pieces that will not quickly become outdated, while prices make them attractive whatever your budget.

Glass and stainless steel are used to create a light, open feeling in some styles. Most feature open bookcases and desks abound in shapes beyond the run-of-the-mill rectangle. Wood and glass combinations are also available, and the variety of components available allows you to add a custom look to your office.

Much modern office furniture is transitional in design, striking a balance between old time charm and new age dynamics. While finishes may be dark and reminiscent of antique office furnishings, hardware is discreet, and the pieces tend to be less overwhelming. Wall units are usually available in heights to match your needs, and some offer glass front doors or stainless steel trim to brighten things up. While most lines are not truly modular, the assortment of components and possible configurations allow for maximum design options, and finish colors run the gamut from whitewashed oak to mahogany so you can match existing décor or create an entirely new look.

Most modern office furniture features beveled edges and, even on the rectangular pieces, the corners are slightly rounded. (Anyone who has ever walked into the sharp edge of a desk can appreciate this innovation.) Some desks in return have a sweeping semi-circular shape on the ends which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also a space saver, allowing just a little more space to navigate. And if you like your furniture without corners, there are styles that encase you in an arc that spreads out along both sides for convenience in reaching all of your work area with ease.

Included in the modern office furniture category is the mission style. The design is more linear, although edges are usually still beveled and the corners may be slightly tapered as a safety feature. These styles, which are reminiscent of eighteenth and nineteenth century Spanish furniture, often boast ornate carvings and slat work to add to the overall effect of a casual, classic look. Hardware is not as heavy as on traditional pieces, but is more decorative than contemporary offers. Bookcases and hutches normally sport a slightly overhanging crown, sometimes carved, and glass doors are not uncommon, with many lines offering barrister style bookcases.

Modern office furniture is available from a number of vendors. However, online stores have the advantage of not only a large selection to choose from, but usually list design specifications and construction details that are often not easily available in office warehouse stores. Special orders may also be more efficiently filled online. So, whether you are shopping for one very unique item or a complete office, it may well be worth your time to browse a bit before committing.

Glass Doors – A Must Have For Designer Decor

Glass doors have become an integral part of unique designer décor. They create light and space inside a room as well protect privacy and provide security. Glass accommodates any style or taste with quality finish and timeless appearance. The traditional wooden, Vinyl or plastic doors have given way to these new eco-friendly, aesthetically designed glass doors. They increase the availability of natural light in the building along with being appealing to the eye. Sliding doors and windows made of glass give modern outlook to the house and reduce cost. Some of them are even sound-proof.


These stylish glass doors should be fitted with proper door hardware such as locks, handles and latch. Designer hardware for them is available these days from different manufacturers and suppliers. It knobs and levers are available to be fitted on these unique glass doors. It knobs made of crystals are available at leading hardware or sometimes exclusive door hardware shops.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is another section which comprises of cabinet knobs, pulls and other accessories. There are different types, varieties and styles of cabinet knob available in stores, which look unique on the kitchen cabinets, furniture and vanity cabinets. The beautifully crafted designs add a touch of detail as well as shine to the room.

Sliding Doors

They are made of two sashes that slide over each other. They are considered great space savers. They require accessories such as its handles, nails, clamps, hinges and so forth. Some of them are used for fitting purposes whereas others are meant to be aesthetic. The hardware needed for them such as sliding door track and levers are also important. These are available in wide variety and choices at various outlets.


Most of them have hinges on one side, which allows it to move or open in only one direction. The axis of rotation is usually vertical. In some cases as garage doors, it is found to be horizontal, above it opening. They can move in both directions unlike hinged ones. Sliding doors slide along the tracks and hence save a lot of space and have aesthetic qualities too.

Sliding Glass Door Lock

They can be of many types such as key lock, electronic lock, sensor lock, padlock, finger print lock and others. Lock is used for security purposes. Each lock will have a unique key that can open it. Combination locks on it can be opened with a combination key. Fingerprint lock can be opened only by the fingerprint of the person and hence this is considered to be a very secure lock. Electronic locks are password protected ones.


Its latch is available in multiple designs and themes, variety of colors and metals. It is always better to match the theme of it with latches. Its latches should be cleaned everyday for a good performance. Latches made of traditional looking metals give an ethnic outlook. Latches with dark or light polishes give a sophisticated neat look.