Furniture Style – Metal Tables

Metallics are in this year, so if you have been thinking it is time to give some of your home a makeover, one of the best places to start may be by replacing a few of those larger pieces of furniture with metal pieces. Usually the easiest way to do this is to change out some old, worn wooden tables with metal ones. To really get a jump on the trend you can go room by room through the house making changes.

Living Room

There are plenty of options in the living room to change out tables that you have for ones made of metal. Perhaps that coffee table was already starting to look a little worn. Maybe you were thinking of getting a few new end tables. What about that sofa table you have wanted but never got around to purchasing. Now is the time to look into some of the metal living room pieces on the market and say ‘out with the old and in with the new!’

Dining Room

The dining room can let you show that you understand the current furniture trends in a big way. Obviously the main table in this room is the dining table. Have you thought about changing your dining tables out in recent years? Well this may be the time to do it! There are a number of metal dining tables on the market in all kinds of designs from Victorian tables accented with glass and marble to modern tables that are metal through and through.


While the main pieces of the bedroom are the bed and dresser, you also probably rely on a few tables beside the bed as well. You may daily put your glasses, a book or a glass of water on the nightstands. Well, maybe you can use these spaces as a way to update your bedroom to something more current in the furniture fashion trends by trading out these tables for metal styles.


While most people just think of the kitchen as a functional place in the house, it can also be a location where you can show that you still have some idea of what trends are these days. So, maybe it’s time to move that old, abused kitchen table out of the kitchen. You can replace it with a table that is in style today, something made of metal. Many of the options on the market are nice sturdy metal pieces that have wood, metal or glass tops.

Take your family and their usage of these tables into account and purchase something that will be able to handle what you will put it through.


The bathroom is often an overlooked room in the house when it comes to furnishings. It shouldn’t be. The bathroom is a room that is very often used by everyone in the house! Therefore make sure it is not only functional, but also fashionable. This can be accomplished by adding small metal tables that can hold toiletries, towels or other much needed items.

Tips to Buying The Right Cabinet Hardware

One of the most essential hardware add-ons to the interiors of your home is cabinet hardware. If you notice carefully you will see that practically every room in your home has a cabinet installed somewhere. Most people nowadays understand the importance of living space due to the lack of it in urban real estates. Therefore, they try to make the most of it by using the height of their houses to store things. However, the trick to intelligent interior designing is to leave the floor space as empty as you can so that you have enough space to move around freely. The question then is; how will you store all the things you own in your one bedroom apartment without making it look like a dumpster?

The answer is simple: cabinet hardware. However, installing it strategically is the difficult part of it. It is easy to buy a set of them from discounted shops. But what do you do when you realize that it is too big or too little for your home? That is where planning comes in.

Blend the Cabinets in with the Rest of your Furniture

First take note of the rest of your belongings and how they are placed in your home. Taking that as a bench mark you must decide how many sets of cabinet hardware you really require and if you have enough wall space to set it all up.

There are many options of cabinet hardware nowadays which include wood, glass, metal and even ceramic. You can use a combination of more than one material to set up the cabinets in different rooms. Don’t be afraid to contrast them against the rest of your furniture. Your bedroom can have the wooden ones since there is no fear of damage from moisture, heat or oil, as in the kitchen. For the kitchen you can use ceramic or glass. Both of them look good and are useful. However, you must take care of them regularly to avoid scratches and cracks.

The Importance of Fitting Knobs

One of the most important aspects of setting up cabinet hardware is the knobs. Instead of going for cheap stuff for your beautiful cabinets, why don’t you invest in some quality knobs so that they last you long enough? Otherwise, you will end up spending more than you wanted to by having to replace the poor ones frequently.

Knobs can add that special touch to the interiors of the room. In fact most people notice the knobs on cabinets first. This is because they can be very pleasing to the eye, or very painful! If you choose metal knobs you will have to deal with finger smudges. The same goes for glass knobs, although that has the added problem of breaking. If you choose wooden ones, make sure there is a handle protector. Wood is hard to maintain and easily ruined.

Fitting these knobs into the cabinet hardware is a matter of precision and dexterity. If you are not confident of doing it yourself hire a carpenter. Once the work is done, it is impossible to undo it. Therefore, spoiling it means redoing the whole thing from scratch, something you don’t want to imagine.

Knobs are very important for cabinets. Imagine trying to open one and ending up with a dislocated knob in your hand! Therefore, ensure their security while fitting them in. for this measurement is important. A little off the mark can end up making your cabinet hardware look lopsided!

Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

Depending on the material from which your cabinets are made of, use the appropriate cabinet cleaner. Wipe off the cleaning agent completely with a wet cloth and then repeat the action with a dry cloth.