Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinet With Glass Doors

Any household furniture will get worn and damaged overtime and will need a touch up or upgrade once in a while. For instance, upgrading your kitchen cabinets look by using glass doors can greatly enhance the look not only of the kitchen cabinets themselves but of your entire kitchen as well. Upgrading your household fittings is a home improvement that can give your home a brand new look minus the costs. Here is how to upgrade your kitchen cabinets by fitting them with glass doors.

Before you get started, consider documenting your progress. Take pictures of your project throughout its duration. You can use this documentation as reference for future projects. What’s more, you can easily miss a step your hurry to finish the project, and the pictures can help you stay on track.

To begin your project, first take measurements of your kitchen cabinets. Be sure to measure accurately.

Next remove all the old doors of your kitchen cabinet. Take the measurement of each one, write it down and then sketch it. True, cabinet doors usually have the same measurements, but you can never be too sure. It might be a tedious task, but taking the measurements of each cabinet is the only way you can be sure that the glass doors that will fit perfectly. Also measure the door openings and the distances in between doors. Consider sketching pictures of the door openings and label each measurement accurately in your drawings.

If you want to spend less money, search for companies that offer unfinished doors. Search the internet and compare rates. Also search for discounts and package deals. Visit local glass companies and see who offers the best deals.

Remove all the dirt, grime and grease buildup on your cabinet. Scrub the surface thoroughly and water. You can add bit of vinegar to the mixture if you wish. Vinegar is known for its natural bleaching properties, so it is an effective stain remover.

After cleaning your kitchen cabinet, apply 2 coats of primer to create a nice base that will seal your kitchen cabinet’s old finish and easily admit the new one. Apply paint to the cupboards. Choose good quality high gloss paint. Quality paint may be expensive upfront but it can save you money in the long run since you only apply one or two coats.

Next, sand and paint the rest of your cabinet.

When your doors arrive, sand them a few times. Start by using a coarse sand paper first and then finish with find grit. Remove the dust from the sanding, prime and then paint your doors. Do not install the glass yet.

Measure the holes for the hardware carefully so that they will be in the same place on all the doors. Drill the holes and install the hardware.

Hang the doors to make sure they fit. The doors need to be straight so ask the help of another person for this step. Once you are sure everything fits, take your doors down to install the glasses. If you are unsure about your capability to install the glasses, take them to your local hardware store. Once they’re all installed hang your glass doors and install all the knobs and pulls.

Belwith Cabinet Hardware – A Small Piece Makes Big Change

While renovating an apartment, changes could start up by adding up of cabinet hardware. This new piece of furniture is quite compact and gives a new look to the renovation of the house. This makes the home décor refreshing and enjoyable.

One need to check the theme designs colors matched with the room before selecting cabinet hardware for a particular room. One has to be artistic and creative while making the right choice. Belwith Cabinet pulls, handles and knobs all have different shapes, themes and colors that are available in the market. One will easily get perplexed while choosing a particular piece, as there are number of cabinets found in the market.

For an antique or non-traditional look for the room, one could select antique copper brass cabinet hardware. The Belwith Cabinet decorative hardware made of brass or iron finished does give the room with a perfect appearance. For cabinets many new ideas could be tried out. This beautiful piece is crafted in a way that it will easily make some confused while selecting.

The other accessories and hardware needed also comes in wide variety of materials like hammered iron, brushed nickel, cut glasses and polished with chrome. Despite of the ideas it is difficult to choose out the particular piece from the whole set.

Overdoing too much or selecting too many numbers of cabinets might spoil the look of the house. It is always advisable by the home decorators to go with one particular choice for the home, so it does not make the look clumsy. This day’s Belwith Keeler cabinet decor hardware furniture is available at very low cost so, finding out a suitable matched cabinet Brass hardware with the room décor would not be difficult to find out at a reasonable price. This in turn will not mess the look of the house also.

The cabinet hardware is needed to be cleaned regularly as they get dirty very easily. This is one important part of the furniture which is always are in use and placed such a way in the house they it is very much expose to the dirt. That is why it requires regular cleaning everyday. For cleaning the cabinet hardware, a special kind of duster is available which makes cleaning the knobs pulls and designs of the cabinet hardware easy to clean up.

These days home decoration has been made quite easy. All the available furniture is easily found out from the websites where it is being showcased. Like wise, all the sets of cabinet hardware that are available in the market are also available online. So, it is really less time consuming to find out the best match that fits with the certain home décor a person have. The elegant pieces could be easily matched with the frame of your room also. One can easily check that by uploading the picture of their room where they want to place the cabinet hinges and hardware. Some websites related to home décor also provide with suggestions on what to put up.