The Custom Shoppe Review: How to Design Your Own Kitchen Furniture

The Custom Shoppe offers you the opportunity to design your own kitchen furniture and have it made to your specifications. You will no longer have to worry about whether or not the kitchen furniture you purchase will fit the space you have available. The problem that most people have is how to find businesses that will enable them do that: design their own kitchen and make sure that everything fits where they want it.

So how is that done? How do you find companies that offer this service? Personal furniture stores offering this service tend to be local and relatively small, although some do supply bespoke kitchen furniture throughout the USA – and also standard pieces that you can have altered or adapted to meet your personal needs.

One of these is The Custom Shoppe, a business that customizes your choice of furniture to meet your needs. You can select your own woods and wood finishes, and also the dimensions of each piece to meet the space you have available in your home. Not only does The Custom Shoppe provide regular tables, chairs and cabinets, but also kitchen furniture such as floor and wall cabinets, and units intended to house refrigerators, dishwashers and so on.

Not only can you choose the type of cabinet you prefer, but also the wood: Oak, quarter sawn ok, cherry or maple. You also have your choice of door style, the style of glass in your wall cabinets if you prefer glass to wood doors, and also of the hardware: the knobs and handles. More on these below, so let’s check out the various options available from The Custom Shoppe, and you will then understand what your personal furniture store should be able to offer to you.

Cabinet units can range from small filler cabinets of 9 inches in length to larger units up to 48 inches. These are available in the form of spice pullouts, waste basket units, corner lazy Susans, sink bases of various types and dishwasher bases designed to hold your dishwasher. Units are also available that can accommodate a freezer and cooker unit, or even a separate cooking hob and high level oven.

Most of these units will be of exactly the same height, although the 24 inch wide pantry units are unique, standing 8 feet high in order to offer you the maximum storage space on the shelves provided. However, it is not only the kitchen cabinets for which The Custom Shoppe is renowned. They can design an entire bespoke kitchen for you, including wall cabinets and units and space for cookers, dishwashers and washing machines that are designed to your own dimensions.

You can have cabinets and spice units in white or any color you require, either painted or in your choice of wood or wood finish. There is a large range from you which can choose your favorite, including the oak, maple and cherry mentioned above, either in their natural finish or stained and varnished to offer a large selection of wood finishes. You can also select the style of door you want: kitchen cabinet doors are available in a number of molding styles, and also in solid doors or glass.

Most prefer solid doors for their base units and a mix of solid and framed glass doors for their wall units. The variations on door design are offered for all cabinet widths, either base or wall units. Then The Custom Shoppe enables you to select your preferred hardware from a range offered, with regular handles or knobs available. Knobs and handles are matched so you can mix them between your upper and lower cabinets and drawers.

What makes the firm’s kitchen furniture truly bespoke is that you can select cabinet widths outside of their regular range. So if you have a space left of, say, 22 inches to fill, The Custom Shoppe will construct a base or wall unit to fill that space. The same is true of your sink unit: if you have a non-standard sink unit that may, for example, consist of twin basin with a waste disposal unit between the two, you can have a base built to accommodate that.

Fundamentally, what this The Custom Shoppe Review is saying is that you can have anything you want made to your own specifications – within reason. Although the company offers units of standard dimensions, you can have your kitchen supplied with units of your own specification. Because they are all made by hand, they may cost a bit more to make, but you are not restricted to standard units if you are able to pay for bespoke kitchen furniture.

Glass Knobs Give a Multitude of Options

Glass is one of nature’s most versatile gifts to interior design. Colorful or clear, round or in shapes of unimaginable diversity, glass is one of our best home decorating materials when it comes to our kitchens, baths and furniture. Glass remains a classic option that has evolved to fulfill the demands of the ultra-modern amongst us.

From antique Victorian to ultra-modern, glass knobs and pulls have become very popular in recent years. Glass cabinet hardware can be found for the budget conscious (particularly with the use of faux glass) or for the designer seeking a high-end look where multiple colors, shapes and designs can create a hip, up to date aesthetic. The flexibility of glass has granted us geometric shapes for knobs and pulls that are almost as extensive as the subject of geometry itself. Artisans love to work with glass as it unleashes the imagination and can become ‘high art’, in addition to lending humor and verve to casual spaces like children’s bedrooms and baths.

The more contemporary glass cabinet hardware on the market will also offer a diverse range of corresponding finishes for the metal base posts that fasten the glass shapes to your cabinet and drawer fronts. Dozens of finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, aluminum, and satin nickel are available to help you coordinate the glass with the other kitchen and bath accents in your home.

Enjoy exploring your glass options for your kitchen and bath cabinet hardware. This is a cabinet hardware material that spans all budgets and aesthetics.