Furniture Hardware

Replacing the old and worn hardware on your furniture can go a long way towards bringing new life to your older pieces and it can save on the expense of buying new furniture. Knobs and pulls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mixed and matched beautifully on one or more pieces in your home to create a common theme. Glass knobs and pulls add a touch of unexpected elegance while ornate brass hardware can accent precious antiques.

When replacing any type of hardware it is important to pay attention to the original knobs, pulls or hinges that were used. Heavier drawers tend to use larger knobs to compensate for additional weight and this should be considered when choosing a replacement. If you are planning to use the original holes for replacement pulls, measure the space between them (the “center to center” mounting distance) and choose a pull that will fit that size. Different pulls may have different center to center spacing so pay attention when reviewing the details for installation.

There are several different materials to choose from when selecting new or replacement hardware for the furniture in your home. Solid brass provides incredible strength and durability while pewter comes in a variety of unique patterns and designs. Cast iron is a wonderful choice for colonial or mission style furniture. Glass knobs are a unique way to introduce color into any piece and are available in a range of choices from bright ruby red to deep cobalt to pink.

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of beautiful knobs and pulls for any piece of furniture in your home. Create a common theme by using the same or similar patterns and finishes on different pieces throughout your home. Remember that sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest impact on a design so select a knob or pull that reflects your decorating taste and unique style.

Essential Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Wineglass Rack

What do you think of when you think of kitchen cabinet hardware that you need to have? Chances are you limit yourself to just the things that are used on the cabinets themselves such as handles, knobs, etc. But hardware can be a little more grand than this. In this article were going to take a look at a piece of kitchen cabinet hardware that every home should have. We’re talking about a wine glass rack.

There are a couple of kinds of wineglass racks that you can choose from. The most common style is one that will fit under the bottom of one of your kitchen cabinets. It will have a series of slots that you can slide the base of your wine glasses into so they’re always waiting and ready when you want to serve up a bottle of red or a bottle of white. These pieces of under cabinet hardware can usually be installed in just a few minutes and be ready to serve up your guests.

Another kind of wine glass rack is a little bigger and more extravagant. This type of rack could also fit under your cabinets but also may be attached to a wall alongside the cabinets. In this rack not only is there space for your glasses to hang but also there is usually some room for bottles to fit into the holder as well. Putting one of these in can take a little bit longer than some of the other options because quite often they have to be assembled before they can be installed.

So you might be wondering why it is these are considered essential pieces of cabinet hardware. Well there are a couple reasons. First by hanging a wine glass rack set up somewhere in your kitchen, you’re going to open up more space on the shelves of your kitchen for other items you need to put away. If you’re like most people, there’s never enough shelf space and this will be a much appreciated offering.

Additionally, there is something aesthetically pleasing about a home that has a wine glass rack. In many cases, just this simple addition of a wine glass rack or one that will hold your wine bottles as well, can make the whole kitchen area fancier and feel a little more expensive and exclusive.

Besides,if you are a wine drinker, why wouldn’t you want to have a glass nearby so that you don’t have to miss a beat in the conversation when you want to pop a top to enjoy a sip with family and friends that are gathered around. Better yet, when you first purchase your wine rack why not also go ahead and purchase a couple bottles of your favorite wine. Then you can celebrate that you have been able to install this yourself by popping open one of those bottles and having a drink. Even better you can also invite a few friends over and show off your handywork.